Upper Midwest- United States

Bio: Clio Ajana resides in the Upper Midwest. She is a lesbian Hellenic Orthodox High Priestess and member of the House of Our Lady of Celestial Fire, E.O.C.T.O., a tradition in the Upper Midwest that has embraced Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods with an emphasis and welcoming of all LGBTQIA since 1998. Her passions numerology, astrology, herbalism, eldercare, prison ministry, and writing as a spiritual practice. Past publications include columns for the Patheos blog, “Daughters of Eve”, and anthology entries in Shades of Ritual: Minority Voices in Practice, and Bringing Race to the Table. Her writing interests include include how race, homophobia and religious non-acceptance intersect, how Paganism can address the needs of aging Pagans or non-Pagan relatives, and rituals for self and group empowerment in everyday life. She considers everything in her life to be touched by and guided by the Gods.

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One thought on “About

  1. Wow, just ran across your piece you wrote for the wild hunt, fantastic! But what intrigued me the most was a sister of color as a priestess.

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